Possession (2002): In Whitby Part 2


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The clip In Whitby Part 2 from Possession (2002)

I've had it for ages. It was in the family dress-up box.
Don't you see? Ash bought the brooch for Ellen.
The clasped hands. Here in Whitby. We knew that.
And this for Christabel. Oh, right.
So while he was buying this, he said, um,
"Yes, I'll have the eternal embrace for my wife."
No, he wouldn't have said anything. He would have just bought the brooch.
Christabel would have seen. It was accepted between them.
Are you writing fiction now?
I'm having fun.
Are you?
Yes, I suppose I am.
Don't grimace when you say it. It's more convincing.
I suppose I can be a touch...
empirical at times.
Just a touch.
Hey, you wanna go for a walk or something?
I mean, out in the hills.
For sure it's earlier than the death of Victoria's Albert.
Probably late '50s. 1860s maybe.

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