Possession (2002): Exploring House


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The clip exploring house from Possession (2002)

Seal Court's over there.
So how long did Christabel live at this Seal Court place?
Ages. The last 20 or so years of her life.
Excuse me. Sorry.
"To a dusty shelf we aspire."
You should drop by Seal Court before the train.
And what do you do in London, Mr. Michell?
Are you a teacher as well? No, not yet. I'm doing a fellowship.
Which means what exactly?
On the dole.
317 00:24:17,129 --> 00:24:19,423 Um, my field's Victorian poetry.
We had ourselves a poet in this house once.
Terrible, sentimental stuff about God and death and the dew and fairies.
Why don't you show this young man Christabel's room, Maud?
And why don't you stay tonight?
You're under no obligation to stay, of course.
It's just Joan's way. Misses our daughter.
Quite a drive back, actually. No, we're fine.
Oh, well.
Hardly ever come up here.
With the wheelchair, of course, we bunk down on the ground floor.
I haven't been up here since I was a child.
Maud, is this the photograph at your house?
Yes, that's Christabel's niece, May.
That's my great-great-grandmother.
Christabel wrote dozens of poems about this place.
"Haunted are they who haunt our dreams and weaken our desires...
"and turn us from a solid face.
'And in the depth of wintery night, they slumber in the night and bright.
"Dolly keeps a secret safer than a friend.

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