Possession (2002): Reading Lost Letters Part 3


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The clip reading lost letters Part 3 from Possession (2002)

"My dear friend: It has been borne in upon me...
that there are dangers in our continued conversation."
The world would not look well upon letters...
between a woman living in shared solitude as I do...
and a man.
Even if that man were a great poet.
And if one is to live in this way,
it is imperative to appear respectable in the eyes of that world...
and your wife.
It is a sealed pact.
It is a chosen way oflife in which I have been wondrously happy...
and not alone in being so.
"I have chosen a way, dear friend,
"I must hold to it.
"Be patient. Be generous. Forgive.
"May I also request that you return my correspondence to me.
"In this way, at least our letters will remain together.
"I have known incandescence...
"and must decline to sample it any further.
"This now goes to the post.
Forgive its faults and forgive me. Christabel."
My dear Christabel: :

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