Possession (2002): Blanche's Diary Part 2


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The clip Blanche's Diary Part 2 from Possession (2002)

So what are those bookmarks then?
Blanche writes about letters.
Letters, letters that Christabel wrote and received.
And it nearly drove Blanche crazy.
Where are they?
Lost. Destroyed. Who knows? There's lots we haven't got.
Not one of Blanche's paintings has ever turned up, for instance.
So who do you think wrote the letters?
We've never been able to verify who he was,
but Ash certainly isn't one of the candidates.
You've got nothing. I mean, it's just a thought.
Of course, I've thrown out a lot of thoughts today,
and you've pretty much shot them all down, so...
Yes, well, it seems like a bit of a wild-goose chase to me.
I'd like to do some more reading.
I suppose you'll wish to stay here overnight then?
Well, I can't really afford to stay overnight.
Unless you want me huddled downstairs in your doorway.
I suppose I could put up with you for one evening, couldn't I?

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