Possession (2002): Reading Lost Letters


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The clip reading lost letters from Possession (2002)

Look at this. We've got Ash and Christabel's letters here.
Look. Come here. Listen. What?
"Dear Miss LaMotte: :
"It was a great pleasure to talk to you...
"at dear Crabb-Robinson's party.
"May I hope that you too enjoyed our talk.
And may I have the pleasure of calling on you."
She says, "No, but you may write.
"Would you rather not have a letter, however imperfect,
"than a plate of cucumber sandwiches,
"however exquisitely fine cut?
Know you would, and so would I."
"I was entranced and moved by your brief portrait of your father."
"I write nonsense, but if you can't write again,
"you shall have a sober essay on what you will.
"Yours to command in some things.
"Where I was born, Christabel Lamotte."
"was a small place too.
"Not like this. Not bare.
'A brilliant, dusty hutch of mystery"...
is a cabinet of curiosities.
What did my eyes first light on?
I am a creature of my pen.
My pen is the best part of me.
I send you now two more poems.
I eagerly read your mythic tales of mire...
and found them both charming and sad.
Your verse is rich, but perhaps the metaphor is richer.
Dear Mr. Ash: :
I live circumscribed and self-communing.
It is best so.
Not like a princess in the thicket, more like a spider in her web.
"Inclined to snap at visitors or trespassers,
"not perceiving the distinction until too late.
Thus, it is unwise to call."

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