Possession (2002): Letter of Ellen Ash Part 3


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The clip Letter of Ellen Ash Part 3 from Possession (2002) with Jeremy Northam, Jennifer Ehle

and finally persuaded him.
Ash, you know Professor Spear.
I'm delighted.
Mrs. Jameson. Mrs. Jameson.
Miss Glover.
Oh, Miss Glover.
And Miss LaMotte.
Miss LaMotte.
The highest pleasure.
Randolph reported the party went off very well, indeed.
The discussion of poetry was animated,
with Miss LaMotte speaking more forcibly than anyone expected.
Surprises me, madame, that a lady who lives as quietly as you do...
wouldn't be aware of my modest success.
Oh, I'm very aware that the papers herald you weekly.
It is you, however, who surprise me.
And why is that?
Judging from your work,
I'm surprised you'd even acknowledge my existence...
or any woman's for that matter since you show us such small regard on the page.
You cut me, madame.
I'm sorry.
I only meant to scratch.

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