The Kids Are All Right (2010): Angry Mom


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The clip angry mom from The Kids Are All Right (2010) with Julianne Moore, Annette Bening

Hey, babe, relax. She'll be back when she gets back.
Quit telling me to relax. Okay?
What the fuck?
Wow. Funny how someone conveniently forgot to tell me
that they were driving home on a motorcycle.
Do you know how many people I've seen come into the hospital paralyzed
from motorcycle accidents?
I'm a very safe driver, Nic.
Yeah, that is so not the point that I'm making, Paul.
Joni knows that this is something I'd just never allow.
Mom, I'm 18 years old.
I won't even be living here in, like, a month.
Yeah, well, you're living here now. Yeah?
Well, why don't you get a jump on it and pretend like I'm not?
She's never talked to me like that before.
You know, if you backed off a little bit on the restrictions,
you probably wouldn't have so much conflict.
Oh, really? You think so, Paul? Is that how it works?
What's going on?
Oh, nothing. Nothing.
Paul's just giving me some child-rearing lessons.
I'm just saying...
Listen, when you've been a parent for 18 years, you come and talk to me, okay?
I'm just making an observation.
Yeah? Well, I need your observations like I need a dick in my ass!

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