The Kids Are All Right (2010): Dinners out Part 2


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The clip dinners out Part 2 from The Kids Are All Right (2010) with Julianne Moore, Annette Bening

Acai fruit packs.
Yeah. No, but they're pushing them like crack at Whole Foods.
Joel is so addicted to it. He buys it by the case.
Here's what I do.
I throw one in the blender with bananas, frozen strawberries and hemp milk.
And I'll tell you what, it is pretty sensational.
Just fucking kill me. Okay?
Honey. I'm sorry, guys,
but I just can't with the fucking hemp milk and the organic farming.
And, you know, if I hear one more person say that they love heirloom tomatoes,
I'm gonna fucking kill myself. Okay?
Oh. And do you know that we're composting now?
Oh, yeah. "No, don't throw that in the trash.
"You have to put it in the composting bin
"where all the beautiful little worms will turn it into this organic mulch,
"and then we'll all feel good about ourselves. " You know?
I can't do it, okay? I can't fucking do it.
Hey, babe. How about some green tea?
You know what, Jules? I like my wine, okay? So fucking sue me.
And FYI, red wine has a chemical called resveratrol in it,
which has been proven to significantly extend human lifespan.
If you drink, like, a thousand glasses a day, yeah.
Fuck you.
I'm sorry. It's okay.
Go to her.
What the hell is going on with them?

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