The Kids Are All Right (2010): Dinner at Paul's


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The clip dinner at paul's from The Kids Are All Right (2010) with Mark Ruffalo, Annette Bening

You're a natural, kid.
I know. Good.
You're a natural.
You can never have too much olive oil.
Big no-no.
Oh! I forgot.
Nic, I got a bitching 1998 Alma Rosa that I think you're just gonna love.
You know what? I think I'm gonna stick with water, but thank you so much.
You sure? Yeah.
Paul, this steak is delicious.
Thank you.
Really, it's... What is the seasoning?
Guys, we just misted it with a little truffle oil, right?
It's so easy. Wow.
What a good idea. We ought to try that. Right, honey?
And it's done to perfection.
Yeah? It's not too rare?
Oh, no, no.
It's juicy and tender. Exactly what rare's supposed to be.
Right? I mean, I got people coming into the restaurant,
they see the slightest bit of red, they just start freaking out.
Isn't that annoying?
That happens to me all the time when I'm grilling.
Hey, red is rare.
Hello, it's bloody.
I mean... Hello?
Yoo-hoo. Hello, thank you.
Yeah, I mean, if you're in Argentina, and you ask for rare,
they bring you a cow still mooing on the plate.
I really want to go to Argentina. Buenos Aires is supposed to be...
Hey. I noticed your record collection over there.
Wow, it's quite an eclectic mix, you know.
Thank you very much, Nic.
You're welcome.
You don't meet too many straight guys who love Joni Mitchell.
You sure don't.
You like Joni?
No, not really. We just named our daughter after her.
Really? Oh, shut the front door.
Come on. Really? You never told me you were named after Joni M.
It's so dorky. I don't like to bring it up.
That is so cool.
No, what's your favorite Joni album? It's not cool.

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