The Color Purple (1985): Sofia Returns


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The clip sofia returns from The Color Purple (1985)

This used to be my living room. That was my kitchen.
Harpo run the doors and windows from the creek to here.
Now, somewhere is my dining room.
Look at who's here. It's Miss Celie.
Miss Celie, it sure is good to see you.
Pull up a chair. Have a cold drink.
I believes I want me some of this here.
I want to introduce y'all to my friend. Henry Broadnax is his name.
Everybody call him Buster. He's a good friend of the family.
How you doing? How you feel?
Where are your children?
At home. Where are yours?
What you doing here?
I came to hear Miss Shug sing and to see what a nice place you built.
This is scandalous! A woman with children in a jook joint!
A woman need to have a little fun, Harpo.
A woman need to be at home.
I don't fight my woman's battles.
My job is to love her and take her where she want to go. Right?
Let's dance.
First time I ever been knocked out without a punch.

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