Prime (2005): Rafi and David with Friends


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The clip Rafi and David with friends from Prime (2005) with Bryan Greenberg, Uma Thurman

Hi, how are you?
Hey, Jason.
You look great.
You, too.
This is Jason.
We've heard about you.
Hi, Palmer.
Hi. Good to see you, again. How are you?
How was the drive?
Good, really good.
Hi. How are you?
Good, you?
Is he okay?
Ignore him. He's just jealous he didn't get into your pants, first.
Hey, what's up?
My God, I'm sorry. Alsayste, you junkie! It's so he won't bark.
You okay?
I think I'm blind.
Oh, no. Got to call the pediatrician.
Oh, my God... that's terrible.
This place is amazing! I mean, everything...

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