Prime (2005): David Visiting Rafi's House


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The clip David visiting Rafi's house from Prime (2005) with Bryan Greenberg

Hey, what's up, man? Cool.
Do you need anything?
Go on up, she's expecting you.
Thanks. Come here.
Five? Thumbs up? Smile? No? We'll get there.
Come on in.
Thanks for the soup.
It's chicken noodle.
Wow! This place is huge. I'm not even going to ask what you pay.
That's Rothko. I've never seen this before. What year is this?
1 954.
It's probably my favorite piece of art.
I love how he never titled any of his work.
It's beautiful. Luminous.
What is this?
Sentimental mood.
You never heard Coltrane before?
No. Am I in trouble, now?
No. It's just... He's a pretty famous Jazz musician.
Is this that Negro music, everybody's talking about?
Because I had no idea.

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