Se7en (1995): Flag Books


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The clip flag books from Se7en (1995)

Telling you this, I'm trusting you more than I trust most people.
Good, 'cause I might punch you.
It's probably nothing, but even so, it's no skin off our teeth.
The guy in the pizza parlor is a friend from the Bureau.
Who, stinky man?
For years, the FBl's been hooked into the library system, keeping records.
Assessing fines?
No, monitoring reading habits.
Certain books are flagged.
Books on, say, nuclear weapons...
"Mein Kampf".
Anyone who checks out a flagged book has his library records fed to the FBl.
Wait. How is this legal?
Legal. Illegal. These terms don't apply.
You can't use the information directly. It's just a useful guide.
It might sound silly, but you can't get a library card without an ID and a current phone bill. See?
So they run our list.
If you want to know who's reading...
"Purgatory", "Paradise Lost" and "Helter Skelter" the FBl's computers will tell us.
It could give us a name.
Of a college kid writing a term paper on 20th-century crime.
At least you're out of the office.
Get a haircut.
How do you know this?
I don't.
Neither do you.

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