Se7en (1995): Not a Cop Anymore


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The clip not a cop anymore from Se7en (1995)

Pardon me, George.
Come in.
You heard the news?
Nope, haven't heard.
Eli Gould was found murdered this morning.
Someone broke into his law firm and bled him to death.
Wrote the word "greed" on the floor.
Yeah, in blood.
Mills is heading the investigation.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
Don't do that, please?
Good for him.
What will you do with yourself out there, Somerset?
Oh, I'll work, maybe on a farm. Fix my house.
Don't you feel it?
Don't you feel that feeling?
You're not going to be a cop anymore.
That's the whole idea.
I don't think you'll leave.
Hell, you can't leave all this.
Guy's out walking his dog.
Gets attacked.
His watch is taken, his wallet.
And while he's lying on the sidewalk helpless his attacker stabs him in both eyes.
This happened last night about 4 blocks from here.
I read about it.
I don't understand anymore.
It's the way it's always been.
Maybe you're right.
This work is what you're made for.
I don't think you can deny that.
Maybe I'm wrong.

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