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He cuts the skin off the tips of his fingers. That's why we couldn't find 1 print in his apartment.
Seems he's done that for a while.
What about the bank accounts? The guns?
So far everything is a dead end.
No credit history. No employment records.
A 5-year old bank account opened with cash.
We've tried tracing his furniture.
All we know about him is that he's independently wealthy well-educated and totally insane.
Because he's John Doe by choice.
When can we question him?
You can't. He goes to court now.
There's no way he'd turn himself in. It doesn't make any sense.
There he sits.
It's not supposed to make any sense.
He's not finished.
He's pissing in our faces and we're taking it.
You know what I'm saying.
For the first time ever, you and I are in total agreement.
He wouldn't just stop.
So what the fuck, man?
He's 2 murders away from completing his masterpiece.
We'll wait for his plea.
My client says there're 2 more bodies. Two more victims hidden away.

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