300 (2006): Battlefield Remians


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The clip Battlefield remians from 300 (2006) with Gerard Butler, Vincent Regan

Our Greek comrades are begging for a crack at the Persians, sire.
I've got something I think they can handle.
Tell Daxos that I want him and 20 of his best eager, sober and ready for the next charge.
King Leonidas.
Stelios, catch your breath, boy.
Yes, milord.
The Persians are approaching.
A small contingent. Too small for an attack.
Captain, I leave you in charge.
But sire...
Relax, old friend.
If they assassinate me, all of Sparta goes to war.
Pray they're that stupid.
Pray we're that lucky.
Besides there's no reason we can't be civil is there?
None, sire.

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