300 (2006): Theron Evil Act


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The clip Theron evil act from 300 (2006) with Lena Headey, Dominic West

I admire your passion.
But don't think that you a woman, even a queen can walk into the council chamber and sway the minds of men.
I own that chamber as if it were built with these hands.
I could crush the life out of you right now.
You will go before the council, but your words will fall on deaf ears.
Leonidas will receive no reinforcements, and if he returns, without my help he will go to jail or worse.
Do you love your Sparta?
And your king?
I do.
Your husband fights for his land and his love.
What do you have to offer in return for my word that I'll help you send our army north?
What does a realist want with his queen?
I think you know.
This will not be over quickly.
You will not enjoy this.
I'm not your king.

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