300 (2006): Send off Ephialtes


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The clip Send off Ephialtes from 300 (2006)

Raise your shield.
Raise your shield as high as you can.
Your father should have taught you how our phalanx works.
We fight as a single, impenetrable unit.
That is the source of our strength.
Each Spartan protects the man to his left from thigh to neck with his shield.
A single weak spot and the phalanx shatters.
From thigh to neck, Ephialtes.
I am sorry, my friend.
But l lf you want to help in a Spartan victory...
...clear the battlefield of the dead, tend the wounded, bring them water but as for the fight itself I cannot use you.
Mother! Father! You were wrong!
You are wrong!
Leonidas! You are wrong!

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