300 (2006): 300


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The clip 300 from 300 (2006) with Gerard Butler, Dominic West

Is this all of them?
As you ordered. Three hundred.
All with born sons to carry on their name.
We are with you, sire.
For Sparta. For freedom.
To the death.
He is your son.
He is too young to have felt a womars warmth.
I have others to replace him. Astinos is as brave and ready as any.
No younger than we were the first time you stood next to me in battle.
You are a good friend but a better captain, there is none.
My good king.
My good king, the oracle has spoken.
The ephors have spoken. There must be no march.
It is the law, my lord.
The Spartan army must not go to war.
Nor shall it.
I've issued no such orders.
I'm here just taking a stroll, stretching my legs.
These 300 men are my personal bodyguard.
Our army will stay in Sparta.
Where will you go?
I hadrt really thought about it but now that you ask I suppose I'll head north.
The Hot Gates?

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