Land of the Lost (2009): Wake Up in Office


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The clip wake up in office from Land of the Lost (2009) with Anna Friel, Will Ferrell

The tar pits will be open in five minutes.
Dr. Marshall, please return the page.
Dr. Marshall?
Oh, my God.
Are you all right? Hey. Up you get.
Here. Just lean against... Oh, dear.
I'm fine, okay. I just worked late.
Then I got hungry, and I had several meals and lapsed into a food coma.
I've had issues with food in the past, and I don't know, you know,
just with the stress of everything, I just overdid it.
But I'm in control, and I don't have to go back to Phoenix.
I just... I wanted to come and apologize for yesterday.
My behavior was just...
No, no, no, it was me.
You finished the tachyon amplifier!
No. No. I mean, yes.
I don't know. I finished building it, yes,
but I didn't have the nerve to test it out.
So I thought a trip to Arby's might give me some courage, but no dice.
Then I had Popeye's, Del Taco.
Fourteen thousand calories later,
I found myself down at Subway,
powering through a 12-inch veggie on whole wheat,
babbling to a cutout of Jared.
It still didn't give me the strength to turn that thing on.
I'm a coward.
You are not a coward. You're a visionary.
This is probably the greatest work of genius in the last 100 years.
God, I hope I get it! I hope I get it
How many...
Is that A Chorus Line?
It's leftover data from the drive.
What a piece of crap!
Look at all the people...
The machine, I mean. Not A Chorus Line.

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