Land of the Lost (2009): Farewell Talk Before Fight Part 2


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The clip farewell talk before fight Part 2 from Land of the Lost (2009)

No, we're not leaving without you.
Get out of here! I don't love you.
Ow! Marshall!
Get! You're ugly.
Look, if you're gonna do this for real, take this.
Got some high-powered fireworks in here that might come in handy.
Are you kidding me?
You mean you've been carrying a bag of fireworks
around with you this whole time?
There's literally a dozen situations where we could have used these.
He's right. None of that's important now, okay?
Listen. I gotta just level with you, bro. I misjudged you.
I thought you were just a dumbass dude who dressed stupid, but I'm wrong.
You're solid.
Thick or thin, I will follow you into battle at any time.
You hear me? Absolutely any time.
Okay. How about now?
Like right now?
Honestly, I didn't really expect you to call the favor in this soon.
So, on this one, unfortunately I'm gonna have to say no.
But I think it's gonna be awesome for you, for personal growth,
just to hit this one solo.
I'm gonna be rooting for you. Okay?
Trenches, bro. It's all about love.
After this time, I'm there for you, okay?
Any time after now.
He's your man, not me.

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