Land of the Lost (2009): Escaping T-rex Part 2


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The clip escaping t-rex Part 2 from Land of the Lost (2009)

Where the hell's the monkey?
Look! Chaka's waiting for us at the other end of the bridge!
Good Chaka! Your master's pleased!
Marshall, it really looks like he's trying to destroy the bridge.
Chaka, wait!
Master not pleased!
It's okay. He can't cross.
He has terrible depth perception.
He thinks this chasm's a million miles long.
He's not what you'd call an athlete, Mr. T. Rex.
See? He's walking away in utter helpless defeat.
After all, his brain is the size of a walnut.
Sure, his sense of smell may be acute,
but eyesight, hearing, all of his higher functions
completely compromised by that walnut-sized brainpan.
I mean, forget about the Polish.
It's the T. Rexes who are the real dummies of the world.
In fact, Chaka, funny story...

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