Land of the Lost (2009): Getting Pass Hordes of Sleestaks Part 2


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The clip getting pass hordes of sleestaks Part 2 from Land of the Lost (2009) with Will Ferrell, Anna Friel

Died? No. That was just a minor setback.
Okay, let's go home.
No, no, no, wait. This is insane.
We saw you go down Grumpy's cake hole.
What, did he puke you out or something? Well...
No, it's not possible. The T. Rex lacked a gag reflex.
Not important right now.
I'm okay, and that's it.
This is a puzzler.
Look, I'd really rather not talk about it, okay?
Now, let's light this candle.
No, Marshall, how did you get out?
I will talk to you about it later!
Individually, to each one of you. I'll explain it.
Jeez. Would you grow up?
Oh, my God!
Yes, he pooped me out!
And now you guys are friends?
While I was snaking my way through his bowels, I don't know, I...
I must have dislodged some sort of intestinal blockage.
And, yes, he's in a much better mood now.
So can we move on? I really would like to go home.
You were deuced out by a dinosaur. That is incredibly cool.
Grumpy, listen.
When you talk about this, and you will,
please be gentle. Okay?
All right, gangsta, let's bones it out.
Don't worry about it. It's hard with your vestigial arm.
Let's go, guys. To freedom.

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