American Wedding (2003): Gay Bar Part 2


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The clip gay bar Part 2 from American Wedding (2003) with Seann William Scott, Jason Biggs

Come on. Is that all you got?
I, uh... I must have came to the wrong place. Stifler.
Stifler. Oh, man.
Hey. Oh, it's so good to see you.
I... How did you get up the nerve to check out a gay bar?
Yeah. Really don't wanna talk about it right now. I just wanna go home.
Your friend here was just leaving.
Eat shit.
Did you find Leslie? Fuck your stupid dressmaker, man.
You guys know Leslie Summers?
Uh, we're trying to find her.
You know what? I think you guys are out of luck. Why don't you go home?
No. Y-You know Leslie... He knows Leslie S... Okay, look.
My friends and I just drove all the way from Michigan...
to find my fianc?e the wedding dress that she deserves.
Now, we need Leslie to make it for us. Can-Can you please help us find her?
I'm sure Leslie always helps associates of assholes.
What are you looking at? I'm not a steak.
Listen, breeder, not every gay man wants to have sex with you.
Oh, yeah? Listen up, ass jockey.
If I were gay, you'd want me. Really.
Really. I got style.
I'm cultured. I'm sophisticated.
And all that just radiates from your oh, so sexy self.
That's bullshit.
Everyone wants a piece of the Stif-meister.
Right! Yeah!
Without a doubt!
I'll show you fuckers.
Everybody say, "Bye. "Bye.
Bye. Good luck with the dress.
Give us a drink.

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