The Money Pit (1986): Max Makes A Move On Anna


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The clip Max Makes A Move On Anna from The Money Pit (1986)

That was not so bad.
Are you happy with that one?
I am not unhappy with it.
It's the best that miserable symphony has ever sounded.
You have my congratulations, and you may go home.
But don't you want to hear it back?
No, if there's something wrong with it it's your fault...
and you will hang for it.
Do you have a cigarette?
I'm sorry.
It was beautiful, Max.
Better than Szell's version?
Mmm, I wondered why you did this. I know you never liked it.
It was better.
Thank you.
It's a pity that son of a bitch isn't alive...
because it would kill him to hear that.
Have you got a cigarette?
You stopped smoking five years ago.
I started again two weeks ago.
Can I have the damn cigarette?
Mmm. Filters.
You seem a little tense.
Your shoulders are up over your ears.
Are you all right?
Don't I look all right?
In a word, no.
The only good part of our divorce was that it seemed to make you happy.
For you to be without me and unhappy...
is such a waste.
You are making me sad.
Walter's in Philadelphia...
and the idea of going back to that house, alone...
Oh, God.
Why don't we have dinner and a huge amount of alcohol?
I'm not dressed for a restaurant.
My place. Our old place.

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