The Money Pit (1986): A Work's Day


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The clip A Work's Day from The Money Pit (1986)

Where have you been? You're almost late.
Martha, in this country we have an expression for almost late.
It's called "on time. "
You don't seem nervous.
I'm not.
She's not nervous. I'm nervous.
You're hysterical.
How is Walter taking it?
Taking what? There's nothing to take.
Here he comes!
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
It's a great pleasure to be back with you again.
I'm sure you feel the same.
When I left, you were the finest orchestra in the world.
God knows what a season under the heavy hand of my esteemed colleague has wrought.
Let us assess the damage...
with the Haydn, from the beginning.
Bring me higher and higher
Give me lovin'
Please me tonight
Watch it. Watch it.
Big guy! Big "W." What's shakin'?
I've got some papers. The band has to sign these.
What is it?
Well, it's the Roy Rogers restaurants we bought into...
and I sold off the Tucson property.
This is their share, and this is mine.
Now, I figure that cancels out half my father's debt...
but check your records, make sure we agree.
Walter, what are you payin' them back for?
They're used to people stealin' from 'em.
This is only gonna confuse 'em. They've got too much money now as it is.

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