The Money Pit (1986): Couple Fight While Renovating


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The clip Couple Fight While Renovating from The Money Pit (1986)

Para bailar la bamba
Para bailar la bamba se necesita
Una poca de gracia
Una poca de gracia par mi para ti
Hey, Walter.
What happened? Your old lady kick you out?
I do not wish to discuss my domestic difficulties with you, Julio.
That's okay. I figure she threw his ass out.
No, she did not throw my ass out!
No, you had your chance, man.
This is between me and Duke.
I'm not payin' you guys to stand around. You wanna get to work?
We can't do nothin' till the plumbin' inspector gets here.
There's no plumbing in that wall.
We can take off and you can call us when he gets here.
Just stay where you are. I fell for that one before.
Ooh! Ohh!
You're up bright and early.
I didn't sleep very well.
You look great. Got a date?
Yes, with the Marine Corps Band.
I'm starting with the brass, and I'm working my way to the drum section.
Don't you think we should talk?
This is not the time.
I'm mad, and I'm getting madder.
Oh! What do you think I am?
I think you're a jerk.
I know that.
I didn't realize how big a jerk I was until last night.
Neither did I.
Let's just pack it in, then. Let's just finish this thing right here and now!
I'll pack a bag for you and send the rest later.
You expect me to move out?
You shouldn't have any trouble finding a bed.
I got a bed, lady.
Get the hell outta here! This is private!
What makes you think you can just throw me out of my own house?
You're the one who's moving.
I have worked and slaved... suffered and put myself in hock up to my eyes...
and you want me to move out because you've got the hots for Max?
No way! You hear me?
I have worked and slaved and suffered for this house every bit as much as you have!

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