The Money Pit (1986): Shirk Brothers' Work


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The clip Shirk Brothers' Work from The Money Pit (1986)

What's happening?
Well, stay here. I'll find out.
Hi. You must be Mr Fielding.
Yeah. Yeah. Who...
I'm from Shirk Brothers.
Your number came up in the drawing this morning. We work today!
Oh, that's great. That's... Where is Brad?
Oh, South of France, I think.
Uh, don't... Shouldn't he be here?
Brad is the executive plumber. We do all the work.
We're just about to get started.
You're free to watch if you want, though I wouldn't recommend it.
Are there any living things in there?
Well, my girlfr...
My wife. What the hell.
Oh, I'd get her out.
Hold it, fellas. Just a second. There's a woman inside there.
Hold it! Come on!
Hey, come on! Wait a minute, fellas, there's a lady inside there.
Here! Here she...
Here you go. Okay? Are you all right?
Yes, thank you.
Is everything out?
Okay. Have a nice day!
Who are they?
The plumbers.
Are you sure?
No, and I don't care. I'm just thrilled to see somebody actually working.

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