Far and Away (1992): Joseph's First Boxing Match


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The clip Joseph's First Boxing Match from Far and Away (1992)

Let's have another boxing match. We need another challenger.
This man has not been defeated tonight. Will anyone box him?
Any challengers to- Oh, sir, you can beat him.
You've got the face of a winner.
l'll fight him.
No! No, no, no, no!
Joseph, there's rules in this club.
Toe the line and all that. You got to wait until l signal.
Toe the line, gentlemen.
No kicking, no biting, no gouging.
Fight me here, farmer!
Put your foot on the line.
Toe the line. Toe the line.
Get away.
Put your toe on the line.
Come on. You're yellow!
Come on!
Go on, scrapper!
Stop it. You've won, Joseph. Stop it.
What a fight! l knew you had it in you.
Girls, get up the burly-cue.
What do you call yourself again?
Joseph. Joseph Donelly.
That's right. You clobbered that fella's brains out, lad.
l discovered this fella fresh off the boat.
Gordon, get this scrapper something to smoke.

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