Far and Away (1992): The First Night At Molly Kay's


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The clip The First Night At Molly Kay's from Far and Away (1992)

Hey, Mike, how are you doing?
All depends, huh? Good to see you lads.
This is it. Here we are.
Good day to you, Mr. Kelly!
lt's as unpleasant for me as for you.
Got a brother and sister here, Molly, need a room.
You're in luck. We had a suicide just this morning.
Hello, Bridget. How are you?
Hello, Mike.
Ah, yes. Any gentlemen up here, girls?
No, not here, Mike.
Make an announcement, Dermody.
Ward boss!
l'd give you another year.
You're not campaigning, Mike.
Relax, Molly. Politics is more important to these men than sex.
And l'm the Virgin Mary.
God forgive you, Molly.
Not likely, Mike.
Come on.
ls that Jimmy Dunne l see? l was chatting with your wife today.
Don't tell my wife, Mike.
And here's the bath, but don't linger in it too long. lt's the only one.
Gentlemen, button up your trousers.
This is your room here.
You're not suggesting that we share this room, l hope.
l don't care what you do in it...
as long as you pay me a dollar a week.
There must be some mistake. We need two rooms.
l've only got the one.
That's not good enough.
Mike, what have you sent me here?
You're not listening to me.
The room is fine, and we'll take it gratefully.
As you know, election time is coming up-
Your sister was spoilt, l'd say.
Here for your support.
l'm sure you've noticed all these ltalians taking lrish jobs.
No ltalians are gonna run this town as long as Mike Kelly's in charge.

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