Far and Away (1992): Jospeh and Shannon Peek


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The clip Jospeh and Shannon Peek from Far and Away (1992)

Thirty, forty...
forty-five- forty-five, fifty.
You could be a banker, Joseph, with your ability to count.
Oh, a compliment.
Thank you, Shannon.
Don't suppose you've calculated what the journey will cost.
lf l barter, l can get a buckboard for under 25.
lt's the harness that's costly.
Bit, frame-
Frame, collar, reins.
Oh. Very impressive.
How much have you saved?
Are you still praying you'll make it to the Oklahoma land race?
l'll get there.
Ha! What a corker.
You're a corker, Shannon.
Why don't you go back home to lreland? Write to your parents for money.
They'll forgive you for your petty foolishness.
America may not be exactly what l thought it would be, but...
if l went back to lreland, l wouldn't-
Wouldn't what?
l said l'll get there, and l'll get there
by myself.
Well, you need supplies.
Of course. Food, clothes-
Ammunition, gun.
Whenever l think of guns, l remember Stephen Chase.
You're lucky to be rid of that piss-headed snob.
Oh, he wasn't so bad. You didn't know him as well as l did.
l knew him well enough.
Me, he adored.
He worshiped me.
There wasn't a puddle of mud he didn't lay his coat upon...
for me to walk across.

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