Far and Away (1992): Mr. McGuire's Advice


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The clip Mr. McGuire's Advice from Far and Away (1992)

Thank you, boy.
Don't call me boy.
You might display some gratitude considering l paid for your passage.
l paid, let me remind you.
Oh, good afternoon.
Forgive me if l'm intruding, but l wonder...
if you'd enjoy a gentle stroll around the deck.
She's drinking her tea now.
There's no need to state the obvious, boy.
My name's McGuire, from Boston, Massachusetts.
Oh, you're American.
lrish born. l went back for personal reasons.
A stroll would be delightful, Mr. McGuire.
ln my imagination, America is a wonderfully modern place.
Am l right?
Modern as modern can be.
The people, the culture, the industry.
What about the land?
l beg your pardon?
This girl's got it in her head that they're giving land away for free.
That's true. Oklahoma territory. The west's opening up.
l told you, boy.
Can't be good land.
lt's the finest in the world. Seeds flourish in it.
The cattle that grow upon it are fat as elephants.
How do you get it, Mr. McGuire? ls it there when you step off the boat?
Oh, no. You have to travel 1,000 miles or so.
When you get there, you'll have to run for the land in a race.

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