Brothers of the Head (2005): the Birth Story of the Siamese Twins


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The clip the birth story of the siamese twins from Brothers of the Head (2005)

Doola and Dawla
They live in my shoes
So how come Doola
Don't come out and play
And how come Dawla
Don't talk no more
Doola dropped me in it
Dawla poked my eye
Doola made me do it
And Dawla
Made me cry
Mum had been having these terrible nightmares.
She thought she was expecting triplets.
Doctors got it wrong.
And Mum passed away the next day.
Never even saw 'em.
And there they were, my two brothers.
Joined together. Just here at the chest.
Peas in a pod.
The doctors wanted to try a separation surgery...
but Father would have none of it.
It was bad enough he'd lost his wife.
He wasn't havin �the doctors messin' about with his boys.
Father took us off to live out on the Head.
Didn't let no one near us.
No one knew us.
We didn't go to school like other kids.
Dad taught us everything.
They were grand times.
Every little moment I'm with you

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