Brothers of the Head (2005): Invading the Twins' Privacy


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The clip invading the twins' privacy from Brothers of the Head (2005)

Why does he have to come in?
He's gotta come in, Baz.
Well, he's gotta see it, mate.
He's gotta see it. So I have to
I have to get him in.
But it's fine. You know, all it is, we'll just go through this.
He'll see, uh, you know, how much you've improved.
Look, boys, I mean...
do it for me, you know, 'cause- 'cause I'll get shit on...
if-if I'm not seen to be doing my job, so-
Let's just bloody do it.
I'm not playing if Nick comes in.
You have to, mate.
You have to. I can't get around it. You gotta do it.
And at some point you've gotta do it in front of an audience, so-
I mean, you know, Nick's the least of your worries.
So, Paul, uh, we haven't really spoken about Nick Sidney...
and how he interacted with Tom and Barry.
Why did you stand by when these kids we�re getting beaten up?
Don't turn out the light
We go bang, bang through the night
We're going
Through a red light
Fuck off!
Fuck off, Eddie!

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