Twelve Monkeys (1995): Cole's Notes


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The clip cole's notes from Twelve Monkeys (1995) with Bruce Willis

I love this music.
We don't have this. We don't have anything like this.
What are all those?
My notes, clues.
What kind of clues?
It's about the secret army.
The Army of the Twelve Monkeys. They're the ones that spread the virus.
That's why I'm here. I have to find them. That's my mission.
Have to locate them because they have the virus in its pure form...
before it mutates.
When I locate them, they'll send a scientist back here.
That scientist will study the virus.
When he goes back to the present, he and the scientists will make a cure.
Police officers from threejurisdictions...
apparently including special tactical unit personnel...
have now been mobilized to control the growing thousands of onlookers...
here in Fresno, California.
Does that disturb you?
No. Thought it was about us.
Thought maybe they'd captured us and arrested me.
Just a joke.
I remember being very afraid for that little boy.
All alone, down that well...
not knowing if anybody's gonna get him out.
First time I was really afraid when I was a kid.
What do you mean, "when you were a kid"?
Never mind. Just a prank, a hoax.
That boy's hiding in a barn.

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