Twelve Monkeys (1995): Railly is Missing Part 2


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The clip railly is missing Part 2 from Twelve Monkeys (1995) with Bruce Willis

What was the dream about?
About an airport...
before everything happened.
It's the same dream I always have.
When I was a kid.
And I was in it?
What did I do?
You were very upset.
You're always very upset in the dream.
Just never knew it was you.
It wasn't me before,James.
It's become me now because of what's happening.
Could you please untie me?
No, I think it was always you.
Very strange.
You're flushed and you were moaning.
I think you're running a fever.
What are you doing?
In Fresno, California, crews continue to attempt to rescue Ricky Neuman.
Closer to home, in Baltimore, Kathryn Railly...
prominent psychiatrist and author of a newly released book on insanity...
disappeared mysteriously last night after a lecture at the university.
Former mental patient James Cole is wanted for questioning...
regarding Dr Railly's disappearance.
Authorities warn that Cole has a history of violence...
and advise anyone spotting him to notify authorities at once.

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