Twelve Monkeys (1995): Germs


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The clip germs from Twelve Monkeys (1995) with Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis

Won't work. Can't open it.
You think you can remove the grill, but you can't. It's welded.
See? Told you. All the doors are locked too.
They're protecting the people on the outside from us...
when the people on the outside are as crazy as us.
Do you know what " crazy" is? Crazy is " majority rules. " Yeah.
Take germs, for example.
In the 18th century, no such thing. Nada. Nothing.
No one ever imagined such a thing! No sane person, anyway.
Along comes this doctor.
Semmelweis comes along, trying to convince people, other doctors mainly...
that there are these teeny, tiny, invisible bad things called germs...
that get into your body and make you sick.
He's trying to get doctors to wash their hands.
What is this guy? Crazy?
Teeny, tiny, invisible- "What do you call 'em? Germs? What?"
Now, cut to the 20th century.
Last week, in fact, right before I got dragged into this hellhole!

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