Twelve Monkeys (1995): Tour in the Institution Part 2


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The clip tour in the institution Part 2 from Twelve Monkeys (1995) with Brad Pitt

You're here because of the system.
There's the television.
It's all right there. All right there.
Look, listen, kneel, pray.
The commercials!
We're not productive any more. Don't make things. It's all automated.
What are we for then? We're consumers,Jim.
Okay, okay. Buy a lot of stuff, you're a good citizen.
But if you don't buy a lot of stuff, what are you then?
What? You're mentally ill.
Fact,Jim. Fact! If you don't buy things: toilet paper, new cars...
electrically operated sexual devices...
stereo systems with brain-implanted headphones...
screwdrivers with built-in radar devices, voice-activated computers-
Take it easy,Jeffrey.
Be calm!
Right. That's right. You're a very attractive woman.
If you want to watch a particular TV programme, like All My Children...
go to the nurse, tell her the day, the time the show you wanna see is on.
But you have to tell her before the show is scheduled to be on.
This guy was always requesting shows that had already played.
Yes. No. You have to tell her before.
He couldn't grasp the idea that the nurse couldn't make it be yesterday.
She couldn't turn back time! Thank you, Einstein.
Now he, he was nuts. He was a fruitcake,Jim.

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