Twelve Monkeys (1995): Kidapping Goines Sr.


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The clip kidapping goines sr. from Twelve Monkeys (1995) with Christopher Plummer, Brad Pitt

You turned the thing into a fucking computer.
And Fale believed it.
You know Fale.
He's like, "If you guys get nailed, which I'm pretty sure you will...
I've never seen you before in my fuckin' life. "
Come on, come on.
Bring him through.
What's the harm in openin' up the bag? His eyes are taped, right?
Hello. Hello.
Wanna hear the monkey speak?
Jeffrey? Jeffrey, I know that's you.
I recognize your voice.
No, you don't.
I also know all about your warped little plan.
That lady, your psychiatrist?
She told me. I didn't believe her.
It just seemed too crazy, even for you.
But just in case, I took steps...
to make sure that you couldn't go through with it.
I don't have the code any more.
I don't have access to the virus.
I took myself out of the loop.
Too late! Too late!
We've got plans for you, Dad.
I never let myself believe it. Now I know it's true.
You're completely insane.
No, I'm not.

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