Twelve Monkeys (1995): the Committee


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The clip the committee from Twelve Monkeys (1995) with Bruce Willis

James Cole cleared from quarantine.
Thank you. You two wait outside.
He's got a history, Doctor. Violence.
Antisocial six.
Repeated violations of the Permanent Emergency Code.
Insolence. Defiance.
Disregard of authority.
Doing 25 to life.
I don't think he's gonna hurt us.
You aren't gonna hurt us, are you, Mr Cole?
No, sir.
Why don't you sit down, Mr Cole?
We appreciate your volunteering. You're a very good observer.
Thank you.
We have a very advanced programme.
Something very different.
A chance to reduce your sentence.
And possibly play an important role...
in returning the human race to the surface of the Earth.
We want tough-minded people. Strong mentally.
We've had some misfortunes with unstable types.
For a man in your position, an opportunity.
Not to volunteer could be a real mistake.
Definitely a mistake.

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