Twelve Monkeys (1995): The Army Prepares


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If you're in there, I have to talk to you!
It's the kidnap woman. The one who was with the guy who tied us up.
Turn off the lights. Turn off the light!
What's she doin'?
She's drawing attention to us.
I don't know what you're up to, but you're gonna get us in deep shit.
Walkies ready, batteries charged?
I saw you! I saw somebody in there!
Secret experiments. That's what they do.
Secret, weird stuff.
Not just on animals.
I know you.
Do 'em on people too down at-
Have you seen James Cole?
They're watching you.
Takin' pictures.
The police.
I know. Look.
I have to contact James.
It's very, very important that he's really careful when he reaches me.
Do you understand that?
Who's James?
He was with me. He spoke to you several weeks ago.
He said that you were from the future and that you were watching him.
Bolt cutters. Did you get the bolt cutters?
One dozen. They're in the van.
The plans for the security system?
All right here, committed to memory.
You know what she's doin' out there?
What's it say?
I can't see it.
Forget about my psychiatrist and concentrate on the task at hand.
Your psychiatrist?
Did you just say your psychiatrist?
This woman was your psychiatrist...
and now she's spray-painting our building?

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