Tell-Tale (2009): Surprise Visit from the Detective Part 2


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The clip surprise visit from the detective Part 2 from Tell-Tale (2009)

I like red
I love red
Button, would you go to put a movie on while Dad...
...talks with his friend for a minute?
What's wrong with her, she can't move her arms?
She has a genetic disorder
What do you want?
Sorry for the intrusion
But if you had called me back...
I brought you this
What is it?
Open it
You know... You go on the way you're going on... can fully avenge this crime by late supper
And you really shouldn't leave things lying around
I saw you last night
You wearing the same boots
I think you should leave
I was in that house
I saw what those monsters did
I want this as much as you do
Dad, the movie is not working
Okay baby, I'll be right there
You're a good father, Terry
Please, just go
But if you're going to do what you're going to do
You gotta find a cleaner way of doing it
The instructions are in the case

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