Tell-Tale (2009): Asking Liz out


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The clip asking Liz out from Tell-Tale (2009)

Any boys?
No. Promise? Yes.
Is that OK?
Nor funny or tingly or anything like that?
How we do?
Really good
I have seen no further loss of movement
We are making slow progress from the blood samples...
Also... I got her approval
For the new treatment program I was telling about
You are incredible.
How did you get that happen?
State secret
If I told you than I have to kill you
Would you?
I would do anything for her
Thank you
You�re welcome
How is the other patient in the family?
Well, still ticking
Looks like it's going to be a happy birthday
She told you it was my birthday
Of course, any big plans?
No, but I was wondering if you would like...
I would
You finally asked her out
I have not asked her out, she wanted to come and celebrate with us
And what do you mean 'finally'?
You liked her ever
Before getting sickly, I think
This is your doctor, button
You are blushing, Daddy
Come on, get in the car you punk
We have become friends, that it, that's all we are
Right Daddy, friends

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