Tell-Tale (2009): Date with Liz


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The clip date with Liz from Tell-Tale (2009)

I don't know how you do it...
What? It isn't properly fantasy, that is British, I'm an abysmal cook
No, is that... you are very beautiful
And super smart
Willy Coyote, that's me, super genius
You got a great job
An important work. I do... I blush now
Why are you interested in an IT guy like me?
Don't... The world needs more people like you, Terry
I see you and Angie
And all the troubles you have been through
And all you think about is her...
And you know I say
I say: Wow.
That looser IT guy with a heart transplant
And a daughter with a crap genetic hand Wow, that guy is a motherfucking catch.
Did I eat too much garlic?
No, it's just... I do not feel like hundred per cent right now
I'm seeing again Dr. Averme tomorrow

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