*batteries Not Included (1987): Carlos and Faye


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The clip carlos and faye from *batteries not included (1987) with Michael Carmine, Jessica Tandy

Hey, I'm hungry. How about a little service around here.
What's great about a place you can't even get a menu?
You want a menu, pal?
What for? You're gonna get the special of the day.
Man, you shouldn't even be in here. I'm gonna report all you guys.
Bobby, have you had your lunch?
Wait a minute. Excuse me.
Now, what about you? You want to sleep over?
Why don't you call your mommy and tell her where you'll be.
No thanks, Mrs. Riley. I can't tonight.
Bobby, you want to go out and play?
You ain't going nowhere unless you eat something.
You look terrible. Thin. Here.
Come on, lady. You gotta stop this.
Eat, for the love of Mike.
You're just like your father.
I don't know nothing about my father, and I don't wanna know.
Don't say that. He loves you.
Lady, I'm not who you think I am.
Of course you are, my little munchkin.
I'm learning how Lacey works, how this city works.
It's my way out of here.
Where are you going?
I'm smart, I'm talented.
I get ideas all the time.
Of course you do.
Why don't you talk to your father tonight at dinner?
I'll cook a ham.
You're inviting me for dinner?
You'd love my ham.
Oh, my goodness, is that a smile?

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