You Kill Me (2007): Frank Decides to Leave


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The clip frank decides to leave from You Kill Me (2007)

You're a loser, Frank.
I can't trust you anymore, Frank!
The alcoholic's God
is a very forgiving God, Frank.
I could really use a hand right now!
You do what you're told, Frank.
You're a victim. You let people fuck you.
Hi, you've reached Laurel. Leave a message at the beep.
Laurel, hi. You're sleeping.
I guess that's just as well.
There's no way to tell you this
that isn't gonna make me sound like an asshole,
but I'm leaving for the airport
and I probably won't come back.
I would have just hurt you. Forget me.
I'm a joke.
Find somebody better.
There'll be other funerals.
I'm sorry.

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