You Kill Me (2007): Frank Misses the Train Part 3


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The clip frank misses the train Part 3 from You Kill Me (2007)

Every time we send you out,
I have to make a call to find out if they're dead.
I can't trust you anymore, Frank!
Even if you are my nephew.
You let us down.
I want you to get yourself into a program.
Like hell.
No, I mean it.
I want you to go to San Francisco.
Because I said so.
Look, you need to be in a new environment.
What, they don't have beer there?
Frank, we're just trying to facilitate your recovery-
All right now, Stef! Put it to rest.
Now, this is not advice, Frank. This is it.
You go to San Francisco...
and get into AA
and you clean yourself up!
Or you don't work for us anymore.
And we can't let you work for anybody else.
Even if you are family.
All right, then.
Come on. We've got streets to plow.

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