You Kill Me (2007): Driving Drunk


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The clip driving drunk from You Kill Me (2007)

We're taking the bus home.
Walter will come and pick up the car in the morning...
after Mass.
Aw, for fuck's sake.
Come on! I'll drive your car.
I can walk home from there.
You don't know where we live.
Nonsense, nonsense!
The bus is for cripples and old people.
All right, okay.
Left is your brakes, right is your gas
and everything else is the same.
It's all right.
Think you could pull over maybe?
I've got the bladder of an 80-year-old man.
Walter, we're almost home.
You can hold it.
Would you like to hold it for me?
Francis, pull over.
And they call it lonesome town...
Francis, can you do an old woman a favor?
Sure. What is it?
Give us a kiss.
Just a quick one.
Walter won't mind.
I don't
I don't think-
We're moving!

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