You Kill Me (2007): Talking After the Meeting


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The clip talking after the meeting from You Kill Me (2007) with Téa Leoni, Ben Kingsley

How do you know they won't tell the police?
It's Alcoholics Anonymous.
Somehow I don't really feel that's what they had in mind
when they came up with the name, but you never know.
How do you kill them?
Well, you just put it on a level
with everything else
and you don't think about it.
That's deep, Frank, but I meant literally, how do you do it?
Guns, mostly.
I need a drink.
Can you give me a moment?
Of course.
I know it's kind of a lot to swallow.
You're right.
Why should I bother?
Because you don't want to be alone any more than I do.
You know, it's sad,
but that's actually good enough for right now.
Go kill something.
Well, I'll pick 'em up myself.

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