You Kill Me (2007): Meeting Laurel Part 2


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The clip meeting Laurel Part 2 from You Kill Me (2007)

And they fit like a glove.
Can I help you to the car, ma'am?
That'd be fine. Thank you.
Hang on a second.
His lipstick was smeared.
I got the eyes down. I'm still working on the mouth.
You like working with makeup?
I prefer it on women, really.
Guess it's hard to meet real live ones in your line of work.
I'm usually in the back.
Although I've heard of some people in your position,
you know, making do.
I'll see you there.
Thank you.
You're very strong.
Think my mother might think you're cute.
She's been through a lot.
Hey, so maybe I'll see you soon.
Jeez, I hope not. Mom's still pretty frisky.
And I'm perfectly healthy.
No, look, if nobody dies,
maybe we could get coffee sometime.
Sure. That'd be nice.

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